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News as of 6/9/98

    ... You can tell I've been a bit absent hehehe. Well guess what happened, folks? Talk about an ego acquiring its own gravitational field! Today is the first day of Year Two for the Clan Denial, and what a way to start it off!
    ... What am I talking about? Well, we won the Critical Mass Award for our Website design! It was, in fact, fairly recent. As of now they are on the 17th round of awards, and we were listed in the 14th round. But the point is...someone out there likes us! So...get over to their site and browse all those other winners in a show of thanks!
    ... Oh, and this one's for the Chieftain!
    -- Steve

News as of 4/19/98

    *pant* *pant*
    Updating the pages is hectic enough...please excuse me for the brevity and rarity of news updates..
    The Con Report!
    We've finally got it started! So go check it out!

News as of 4/10/98

    We've an utter wealth of news that broke yesterday, and today:
  1. An Update to the Highlander Trivia...
    We're up to 256 questions now! Yippeeeeeeeee!
  2. Houston, we have liftoff!
    We now have our own domain! You've probably checked it out already, but in case ya haven't, we're now at!
  3. The Clan Denial is Passing on That Anaheim Convention Thing
    Er, no we ain't :) hahaha. We started out as 15. News later.

News as of 3/28/98

  1. An Update to the Highlander Trivia...
    Guess what we did today? We added Pictorial Trivia to the Highlander Trivia Game - and a whole lotta new questions, too. Before you ask - yes, I can do video and audio trivia, and no, I don't have the allocated bandwidth for it. Sorry :(

News as of 3/23/98

  1. The Dwarflander Fanfic Site is linked.
    In case you haven't noticed, there is a list of Links section. Today we have added a Dwarflander fanfic page, so get on over there and take a look! :)

News as of 3/22/98

  1. Introducing the Highlander Trivia Game!
    That's right. The bug testing is over, and quite a few questions are already in! The Highlander Trivia Game is feature-packed and waiting for players just like you! Go on and check it out :)

News as of 3/22/98

  1. Wait.
    Yes. Wait. Be patient. It's coming. Actually, it's been done and it is sitting on this site as I speak, but the Clan Denial is still beta testing and beefing it up.
  2. The Yellow PagesThe Internet Fantasy, Horror & Sci-Fi TV Yellow Pages linked us!
    Sandy Van Densen and Lori DeGiacomo have a site with world of links for just about every show of the fantasy, horror and sci-fi genre, on the net - including us! So pay these fine ladies the courtesy of a long looksie, will ya?
  3. HeatherLy Hodges is also in our Links as of today!
    She's a Methos lover, a writer, and a member of the Big List, and hey, she likes us too! I found her site in my aggressive effort to give credit to all the people who have linked us, and to her web design I most certainly tip my hat. Hey, she even has a link to Monica's extensive Cierdwyn page! Your webmaster may be away for a week, the forecast calls for heavy browsing...
  4. The Perriverse has linked us!
    What might you find here? Well, a variety of things - Star Trek: Voyager, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Due South, La Femme Nikita, Xena & Hercules, Forever Knight, Sliders, and other interests as well, including fan fiction.

News as of 3/13/98

  1. Finally! The Episode Guide Has Episodes
    Due to some real life distractions, I didn't have time to put in the episodes, but now, things are back up to date there. Check out the episodes and email me your opinions about it. Note - these episode synopses will be edited, and perhaps enhanced. I predict a major mix of contributory help in doing the Guide!

News as of 3/1/98

  1. The Clan Denial Remake: Mission Accomplished!
    We have finally achieved the reworking of the Clan Denial Website! This is what has been done:
    • The Season 6 Wish List, Clan Lore, the Fru Galleries, and "Why Deny?", have all been moved over to the Clan Library.
    • The Highlander Comprehensive Episode Guide, has been started, and is also located at the Clan Library.
    • Graphics have been shrunken in order to fit within the black space to the left. (That was a pain to look at!)
    • The web board was also reset :)
    Hope ya enjoy the changes we've made. One more trick is coming. You'll love it!

News as of 2/15/98

  1. The Clan Denial Fru Gallery is online!
    It was inevitable that we would have a Fru Gallery of our very own! Thanks to Lorelai, we now do :) To engage in excess droolage, go here!
  2. The LA Screening of Highlander's Last 2 Episodes...
    We were there! Boy, were we ever! Read up on what happened :)

News as of 2/7/98

  1. Happy Valentine's to Richie
    Laura made a new page with a Valentine's poem for Richie, which you are well advised to go check out :) (Poem by Adriana)
  2. The Minnesota Mini-Gathering Report is online!
    Go here to read up on the details from the Front :) (Page by Astrochick)
  3. The 9th Letter by Mary Ellen is Now Online!
    Mary Ellen entertains Highlander fans with yet another analysis of Season Sux!

News as of 2/2/98

  1. We now have 200 Members!
    Need I say more? Naw, go check out the Members section to see if you're in :)
  2. And the winner is...
    The Stone chicken of Multiple Personality Disorder..the new Clan Denial Mascot!

News as of 1/19/98

  1. Woohah! Website Ahoy!
    Apparently, the masses are really getting adamant about the fact that Archangel was a most unacceptable blunder. For instance, Cris is yet another lone wolf fan making a protest about the Richiegate scandal. :)

News as of 1/12/98

  1. About the Band "In Denial" -
    I forgot to add the fact that the biggest reason why we adopted In Denial, was because one of their songs, "You're the One", was originally supposed to be named "Queen of Denial" :)

News as of 1/11/98

  1. Belated Happy New Year!
    Your friendly neighborhood webmaster wasn't able to get the new renovations done without having more conflicts with MS Internet Explorer. Ugh.
  2. We Have Adopted a Rock Band!
    Check out In Denial at their own web site :) Word has it we even have a Highlander fan in their midst! *grin*
  3. The Clan Denial Mascot Contest
    Go here to vote on our three candidates for the mascot of the Clan Denial :)

News as of 12/23/97

  1. 10,000 Hits Here We Came..and I Forgot!
    Argh. It was Sissy who got the 10,000th hit! I put it on the front page, but I forgot to put it here. Oh well.
  2. A Highlander LA Convention in Spring '98
    3 words: We'll be there.
  3. The First Clan Denial Worldwide Affiliate
    Thanks to Alis, we now have a Clan Denial Affiliate in Europe! Imagine that. Visit Alis' Highlander Homepage and run her up some hits, will ya?
  4. Mary Ellen's Letters Are Now Here!
    Go here to see what she's got to say about The Powers That Be. :)
  5. The Richie List Does a San Diego 405
    In other words, it's closing down soon for renovation. Welcome to the message board, fellow Richie Flag Wavers!
  6. The Clan Denial Canon 105 Guide?
    This is an announcement declaring that work may begin on our own guide to the first 105 episodes of HL, very soon. :) Expect to see elongated summaries for all 105 episiodes (not featured in any other website; they only do short summaries on all eps, or long ones for a select few), plus Eurominutes, etc. I pray we have enough room for all these synopses :)

News as of 12/12/97

  1. 10,000 Hits Here We Come!
    Well, today is the day! The Clan Denial website will have its 10,000th viewer. We are now at 9999 as of this writing! Since I cannot upload this page update until I get home, well, by then I will be announcing who it was that nailed the 10,000th hit :)
  2. Obligatory "Season Sux" Quote-of-the-Day:
    Is the 6th season as bad as I think - an article on the Rysher Highlander Forum.
  3. Recent Fave Character Poll Places Richie at 2nd Place!!!
    Here are the results of this apparently high-turnout Fave Character poll:
    Methos: 7029459
    Richie: 5006459
    Tessa: 1202016
    Joe: 1003028
    Fitz: 1002144
    Duncan: 12470
    Amanda: 2294
    Darius: 123
    Maurice: 51
    Kronos: 2
    Kalas, Rachel and Rebecca: 1
    Anne, Alexa and Cassandra: 0

    Gee, Duncan, the only major character in Season Six, is being passed over like a spam-and-cheese sandwich :) If Methos' margin over Richie (far less than 2:1) was colossal, think of Richie's margin over Tessa, or Duncan. :) This poll proves that Richie, like Methos, is of a higher class of popularity that is unreachable by anyone else. Given better character treatment by Davis/Panzer, Richie coulda had 10 million! Maybe AAA was the best thing Stan could have had happen to him...there's no other way he'd have gotten these votes! Maybe this will convince them to re-shoot those last 2 episodes and make sure Richie is back!
  4. 10,000 Hits!!! as of 12:39pm Dec 12 1997!!
    I happened to pinpoint the 10,000th viewer, and it is Sissy! Congratulations! :)
  5. Ac MacFru Does It Again!
    Such creative license must carry a huge renewal fee! Nevertheless, Astrochick MacFru has the crowd rolling on the floor laughing, with How the Grinch Stole Richie. Read'll laugh your head off! *grin*

News as of 12/10/97!!

News is coming a bit late - I know I know! So, what do we have so far? Well, for one, we have the Order of the Raised Sword awards, by our founder, Chris Ely! Five of us, including Yours Truly, have been honored with this one!
Also...I'm starting work on my first fanfic. Phear.
If you've noticed that the Message Board has shrunk...well, it has been archived! :) I've slightly automated that function, so now each time you load the page, you don't run the risk of it taking 5 minutes to load! :)

News as of 11/20/97!!

Woah, what a week! Where should we start??? Well, for one, Astrochick, the Queen of Denial, has her own domain! It's!
Oh boy, what a cruise that was! I guess we should check out the Cruise Report for the details, shouldn't we? :)
There is something else that is developing. Something awesome. Coming to an IP address near you. Wait. It will be worth it.

News as of 11/13/97!!

Laura, Debra and Kris are gone on the Highlander cruise! They have met. They are together. And..well...heh. Be very afraid =] *grin*

News as of 11/11/97!!

Due to a misunderstanding, we added onto the Join the Clan page a notice that if you're a part of another clan already (such as a Rysher forum clan), you still can be a part of the Clan Denial. All ya gotta do is deny the existence of Archbarf, and recognize that Richie is alive and well (and probably playing Doom on Kat's computer :), and you're in! Now you don't have any excuses - come on and join the RRrevolution!
We've added a bunch of links to the Links Page - links suggested by members of the Clan, as well as links to other Highlander web sites, some of whom have linked us!

News as of 11/8/97!!

As of tonight, we have added a Message Board to our website! Come on over and join in on the festivities!

100 Members!

We hit 100 members as of today, 10/22/97! Way to go!!