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Congratulations! You are now ready to take the Clan Oath, and begin officially Denying. To become a Member, chose a title, and recite the Oath below. When you are done, click on the magic button to put Archangel (hawk spit) in its proper place.

Notice! Dual citizenship IS allowed! You can be a part of another clan, and still be a part of ours :) All ya gotta do, is deny the existence of Archangel (hawk spit), and you're one of us :) We've had a number of people expressing the reluctance to apply because they are a part of another clan (such as a Rysher forum clan), so this is our way of clearing the air on this issue :)

The Clan Oath

I, (state name and Clan title) do solemnly Deny before Davis/Panzer and these witnesses that an episode of Highlander the Series called "Archangel" (hawk spit) exists.

I do further Deny the existence of any Highlander episodes belonging to a hypothetical Sixth Season.

I do Absolutely Deny, that Richie Ryan would ever, ever walk blindly into Dumpster's swinging Katana undefended.

I do Affirm my love for Highlander the Series. All 105 episodes. (Actually, maybe 104, "Modern Prometheus" wasn't too good either...but it did have Methos in it, so what the hell, 105 it is.)

I do Promise to continue to enjoy and cherish all 105 episodes in reruns, and video tape, all the days of my life. (Especially those with Richie in them! And Methos too!)

I do Renew my affection for Duncan MacLeod, (yes, Duncan MacLeod) the character whose adventures I thrilled to for, oh, 99 episodes, until he became a victim of characterization rape, and demoted by the writers from Hero to Heel, sometime around "Comes A Horseman" (hanging around with Cassandra, killing Byron and other such nonsense).

I, however solemnly Promise to continue Denouncing Dun'Kan, whose appearances became more and more common towards the end of the series.

haunted1.jpg - A Gratuitous Richie Pic!
I do Swear that Richie Ryan is the coolest, grooviest, most Badass sidekick in television history. I avow that this fact is obvious, and Undeniable. What with that Strawberry-blond hair...those blue eyes...those Fifth Season muscles...

I do Promise to stop drooling and keep my mind out of the Gutter for the rest of the Clan Oath!

Finally, I do Promise to uphold the True Spirit of Highlander, which was desecrated by the powers that be, for reasons beyond my ability to comprehend.

To all of this I do seal and attest, this ____ day of ____ 199_.

Welcome to the Clan!!!!

Put Archangel (hawk spit) in its proper place!

Flush it!

To get your name and Clan Title officially posted to the web page, email the information to Laura, and she will have Steve add you onto the membership list.

If you wish to learn more about the Clan Denial, its members, and most importantly, about the Studlander himself, Richie Ryan, you can join us in discussing these and other matters, on the Richie Forever mailing list!

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