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Our Clan Chieftain, Chris Ely, has begun the Order of the Raised Sword for those of us who have provided exemplary service for the Clan Denial :) Check out who's been awarded so far :)

Also, sheck out the Highlander Sword Shopper's Guide, run by our Clan Brother, WarAngel.

Awards and Special Mentions:

    The Critical Mass Award:
  1. The Clan Denial was a recipient of the Critical Mass Website Award. This was a monumental point in the history of our website, as it is our first award for website excellence, and from a reputable group at that!

    Jump The Shark:
  2. Shortly thereafter, we were lucky enough to be listed on the famous Jump the Shark website, in the Highlander: TV Series section. We're currently the only site listed besides the Official Highlander website itself. Clansibs take note - we stand tall alongside the PTB :)
  3. Whaddoyaknow, when it rains it pours! Thanks to Mary Ellen, the Clan Denial is now listed as a Stan Kirsch fan resource at the Link Directory! is a directory of motion picture and television stars that helps fans find sites related to their favorite actors.

    CGS TV Links:
  4. Wow, here we go again! We've been linked to the CGS Success Systems TV Sites under their Highlander Section. This is getting just too darned sweet, folks!

Clan Denial Charity Links:

  1. We ran a charity drive for the Starlight Children's Foundation! Please read up on the details at Lorelai's Starlight page.
    The results of the charity drive: $3370 for the Starlight Children's Foundation! Great work, folks!!

  2. In preparation for the Cruise in November 1998, the Clan is running yet another Charity Fundraiser! Click on the link for more details.

Clan Denial Events

    The Highlander Cruise:
  1. The Clan Denial Cruise Report, with all our glorious exploits at the Highlander Cruise, can be found here!

    The Los Angeles HL Finale Screening:
  2. The last two episodes of the Highlander TV Series were shown in Los Angeles. We now have a pre-screening and post-screening report for those souls brave enough to see how this series ended. (Warning: MAJOR spoilers - don't go unless you really want to know!!)

    The Minnesota Mini-Gathering:
  3. There was a Mini-Gathering in St. Paul, Minnesota, for Highlander Fans, which Lorelai attended. Here's Astrochick's account :)

    Highlander: The Celebration
  4. The Clan Denial made it big at the April 10 Highlander: The Celebration Convention in Anaheim! You've just got to see what happened!

Fru Galleries

    The Clan Denial's Gallery by Lorelai
  1. The Clan Denial now has its own Picture Gallery! Maintained by Lorelai, it is regularly updated, so make sure to browse it often.

    The Richie Picture Gallery by Astrochick
  2. You would of course expect Astrochick to do this, now wouldn't you? Well now, go check it out!

    The Gallery by Sophie Duncan
  3. From the Richie Forever website, we have a photo and artistic gallery. This site features both photos of Stan from the series, as well as fan artwork.

  4. Laura Owens has her own Mini-Gallery devoted to Richie Ryan. Kids may actually view this one!

Clan Denial Affiliates!

  1. Alis' has brought us the Clan Denial European Site, which has some things we don't have - convention information, Richie appearances, etc. We will most certainly be needing affiliate sites to handle some of our expansions in the near future, including, most likely, the Clan Denial Canon 105.

Holiday Dedications!

  1. Here it is at last, the CD's Halloween Holiday tribute to our favorite young Immortal. Come join in the fun, and help the Clan find Richie just the right Halloween Costume.
  2. See what the Clan gave Richie on his 24th Birthday!
  3. How is Richie spending these Dog Days of Summer? Find out for yourself!
  4. Join the Clan as we Celebrate the 4th of July by commemorating great moments in history! The true, true spirit of Highlander reigns!
  5. Happy Birthday, Clan Denial! On June 8th, the Clan Denial will celebrate its first birthday, and surprise, we're having a party!
  6. Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with the Clan Denial!
  7. Celebrate the season of rebirth, so let's join Lorelai yet again at her Easter dedication.
  8. Richie Ryan is an Irish name, and as such we bring him a St. Patrick's Day celebration, which Lorelai has been so gracious as to put together for us.
  9. A Valentine's Day dedication to Richie Ryan
  10. A Happy New Year's Day dedication!
  11. Merry Christmas from the Clan Denial (Including the Clan Denial "12 Days of Christmas" :)
  12. How the Grinch Stole Richie - a modern fable by AC MacFru
  13. Abbi Cee's "12 Days of Christmas" (from the Rysher Forum) (Posted with permission)

Save Our Series!
We are starting to attract the attention of other groups whose series that they love, are either in trouble of dying, or may be looking at a comeback. The count stood at two (The Sentinel, and then Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) when I put this section up. How many will it grow to? Note: The Clan Denial reserves the right to endorse, or not to endorse, groups such as these, for any reason. That means, basically, no rules have been written as to why we're doing this! We just feel good about doing it. :)

  1. The Tribe Denial website, dedicated to the TV Series Sentinel, has linked us. They are in outright denial over the loss of the Sentinel, which apparently won't be on the UPN Network (that's Paramount) in the fall of 1998. Long live Denial!
  2. Kung Fu: Let the Legend Continue
    In the words of D'vorah: Right now Kung Fu: The Legend Continues could may its way back to television in the form of a series of reunion movies. The script to the first movie has already been written. However, TNT and WB need a nudge to get the ball rolling. So, what do ya say?

Other Highlander Web Sites Are Featured Here!
... Gee, imagine that. I haven't listed other sites in this page, and yet some of these same sites have already linked us! Shame shame. This is where the Clan Denial recognizes people who have been gracious enough to link us.

  1. The Quinkening is the website of a one Quink MacFru, a devoted Methos fan. As she has been so gracious to link us, so shall we be gracious too...and it's a darned well made site, I must add!
  2. Check out The Book of Darius sometime. They have us mentioned in the links section.
  3. Smara has a fanfic site (FYI, slash fiction is mentioned therein) at this page. I'm not sure how to title it, though.
  4. The Kirsche Cache Webring is all about Stan Kirsch, and is owned by Sylvia Barlaam. Check it out or even join it!
  5., a slash fiction site (Slash means literature not exactly for readers under 18), has linked us!
  6. Professor Jackie Byars has linked us from her page at Wayne State University in Detroit. Those who are interested in becoming film critics, and who go to Wayne U, might be advised to read her Introduction to Film syllabus.
  7. Daire has both SBK Productions and our website linked! Cool!
  8. Someone in Finland has linked us on their page. This is a very large and well made site, too!
  9. The original Richie Flag Waver, Marina Bailey, has her own web site. We re-discovered her completely by accident, as she was only to be found only on the HIGHLA-L mailing list. Now we deny together!
  10. Check out - it's absolutely loaded with Richieness! Here are a few sights to see in her site:
  11. Quink's Links Has linked us. This is an incredibly large resource for Highlander links, and a well-built webpage to boot.
  12. Cris is yet another lone wolf Highlander fan who is clearly in denial about Richie's death.
  13. What's a Highlander experience without some recommended music?! Check out the rock band In Denial!
  14. The Mother of All Highlander Links by Samantha (Updated 9/8/98)
  15. (Recently Moved) Richie Forever, a website by Sophie Duncan
  16. The Stan Clan, by The Sidekicks Society
  17. The Unofficial Stan Kirsch Homepage, run by Sara (Vote for her site in the Site Fights! I did :)
  18. Highlandlass' Web page =]
  19. Sandy Van Densen and Lori DeGiacomo have linked us in the Internet Fantasy, Horror and Sci-Fi TV Yellow Pages. If you're into sci-fi, you've got representation there, trust me on this!
    They also have a logo which you should see:

  20. HeatherLy Hodges has a link to us at her site. She's a Methos lover and a resident of the Big List, but practically everyone is represented here. She also does her own fanfic. Check her out!
  21. We've been linked by Perri, and she and Lorelai are both Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans, so check it out!
  22. Why did I forget this site by Carol Lucchesi? I saw her page months ago!
  23. Hey whose page is this?

For some insight into the minds of our Clan Members, follow these links:
  1. The Temple - by Kat the Temple High Priestess. We know, this one's pretty warped! :)
  2. The The Stan Clan page by Robin
  3. The Astrochick's Archangel Horrid Putrid Show - Astrochick is, of course, Kris Larsen :)
  4. Troll Princess' 6th Season.

These are some of our members' web pages/sites, and their special picks:
  1. "Everyone who is immortal raise your hand." --RR, HL
    Yes, the OhioLanders are online!
  2. Laura Owen's Richie Ryan page, complete with its own mini-gallery, can be found here.
  3. Athos has one heck of a comprehensive Highlander page! Just look at this darned thing!
  4. The Character Memorial Gardens web site, by beccaelizabeth.
  5. Protege, a Highlander fanfic story (recommended by Squeeky)