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The Clan Denial Plaque
The Animated Logo for the Clan Denial

"God bless you red-shirted people!" - Stan Kirsch (4/11/98)
"Richie's swimming in the River Denial." - Stan Kirsch (4/11/98)

For the full report on the Clan Denial's adventures at the Highlander Convention, follow this link

ATTENTION! The Highlander Trivia Game can be found Here!

LemoGal's Photo of Stan and the Clan
Stan Meets the Clan!

Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan
(Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan)
This image came from the Richie Forever site. Check it out!

Check out the all-informative Clan Denial FAQ to see what we're all about!

The Clan Mantra:
Richie is the Better Man, Always Has Been!

This is the home page of the Clan Denial. Our group is dedicated to the proposition that the Fifth Season Finale for the Highlander TV Series, did not happen.

We make our home on the River Denial, a tributary of the River Lethe, which in Greek mythology, is the River of Forgetfulness.

Denial - it's not just a river in Egypt! Come join us!

The Clan Denial's Halloween Celebration
Here it is at last, the CD's Halloween Holiday tribute to our favorite young Immortal. Come join in the fun, and help the Clan find Richie just the right Halloween Costume.

The Anaheim Video
Several Clan Members received their Anaheim Convention Videos this week, and for the most part, the Clan is DELIGHTED with what we found! The first 8 minutes of the video features... US! It shows Stan saying the now infamous "God bless you Red-shirted people", and even better, wearing the "Richie Lives" button we gave to him. THUNK!!! Take a look at Valerie's Anaheim Convention Video Gallery..

Clan Denial's Official Raven Page
The Clan Denial has taken an Official Position regarding The Raven. The comments contained here are our only official statement on this matter. We believe we have been fair, honest and sincere, and I hope all "True, true Highlander fans" will agree with us.

Got Fanfic?
Clan Sister Misha has compiled a detailed list of Fanfic links for all the Richie stories we could find! Here's Richie, the whole Richie, and nothing but Richie! Canon? We don't need no stinkin' canon!

Who's Who in Denial
The Clan Denial is in good company. Check the Who's Who in Denial Gallery!

The Clan Denial FAQ!
This document contains all the information you need to know about the Clan Denial! From our tumultuous founding through all our cruises, cons and adventures, how to join, our charity work, and our upcoming activities. It's all here in one place! Read the Clan Denial FAQ.

Another Clan Denial Charity Campaign!
Last spring, the Clan held it's first charity fund-raiser in Stan Kirsch's honor for the Starlight Children's Foundation. The Campaign was a great success, and Stan was very please when we presented him the gift at the Anaheim Highlander Convention. And now, in preparation for the cruise in November, we're doing it again! Here are the details on the Clan Denial Charity Fundraiser.

Check out the News Section for more details on these and other developments. Essays typically are found in the Library section.

The Stan Kirsch Website
Stan Kirsch is the master of his own domain - Visit his website often for the latest updates on his career and to buy his merchandise.

Email the webmaster :)

CM award
The Clan Denial Website is a winner of the Critical Mass Award! Head on over and pay them the courtesy of a nice long looksee :)

Listed 1998 Fan Link Directory As of June 19, 1998, the Clan Denial Website was added to the Link Directory for Stan Kirsch-related information!

... is a directory of motion picture and television stars that helps fans find sites related to their favorite actors.
... We are proud to be counted!

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